Saturday, 19 November 2011


This book list was updated in October 2012 and is a companion piece to this blog post.
UK publications are in bold and Letterbox Library is a great place to find them!


Atinuke & Lauren Tobia - Lauren Hibiscus series
Adoff, Arnold – Hard to be Six
Alko, Selina – I’m Your Peanut Butter Big Brother
Benjamin, Floella & Chamberlain, Margaret – My Two Grandads; My Two Grannies
Binch, Caroline – Silver Shoes
Bradman, Tony & Browne, Eileen - Through My Window; In a Minute; Wait and See
Cottringer, Anne – When Titus Took the Train
Dale, Elizabeth – When Betsy Came to Babysit
Docherty, Thomas - Ruby Nettleship and the Ice Lolly Adventure 
Elliott, Odette & McIntyre, Georgina – Sammy Goes Flying      
Evans, Shane W – Olu’s Dream
Fuller, Rachel – Waiting for Baby
Garland, Sarah – Billy and Belle; Eddie’s Toolbox
Graham, Bob – Oscar’s Half Birthday
Hawkins, Elizabeth & Cemmick, Paul – Ben’s Birthdays
Hoffman, Mary & Northway, Jennifer – Nancy No-Size
Juster, Norton & Raschka, Chris – The Hello Goodbye Window
Nichols, Grace - No, Baby, No!
Northway, Jennifer – Lucy’s Day Trip
Quarmby, Katharine & Grobler, Piet - Fussy Freya
Stanley, Malaika Rose & Wilson-Max, Ken – Baby Ruby Bawled
Uff, Caroline – Lulu series
Umansky, Kaye & Sharratt, Nick – Yo Ho Ho! A-Pirating We’ll Go
Venus, Pamela – Let’s Feed the Ducks; Let’s Go to Playgroup
Willis Hudson, Cheryl, Ford, Bernette G & Ford, G – Bright Eyes, Brown Skin
Wilkins, Verna Allette & Venus, Pamela – Boots for a Bridesmaid


Aggs, John & Aggs, Patrice - The Boss
Baggott, Julianna - The Prince of Fenway Park
Caldecott, Elen – How Ali Ferguson Saved Houdini        
Chang, Margaret – Celia’s Robot
Cassidy, Cathy - Cherry CrushLucky Star; Indigo Blue
Corder, Zizou – Lion Boy trilogy
Danziger, Paula – The Divorce Express; It’s an Aardvark-Eat-Turtle World
Cottrell Boyce, Frank & Berger, Joe - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Flies Again    
Dhami, Narinder – Bindi Babes; Bhangra Babes; Bollywood Babes
Dougherty, John – Bansi O’Hara series
Hiranandani, Veera – The Whole Story of Half a Girl
Hartley, A J – Darwen Arkwright and the Peregrine Pact
Howard, Ken – The Young Chieftain 
Edwards, Nicholas – Dog Whisperer: The Rescue; Storm Warning
Frazier, Sundee T – Brendan Buckley's Universe and Everything in It; The Other Half of My Heart
French, S Terrell – Operation Redwood
Gourlay, Candy – Tall Story
Johnson, Catherine – Hero; The Nightmare Card; Brave New Girl; Sawbones
Lovegrove, James – The 5 Lords of Pain series
Matthews, L S - Lexi
Meddour, Wendy – A Hen in the Wardrobe; The Black Cat Detectives               
Miller, David – Leopard’s Claw; Sea Wolf; Shark Island
Osborne, Mary Pope – Falling Star
Osman, Sam - Quicksilver; Serpent's Gold
Ould-Okojie, Jackie (ed) - Samuel Coleridge-Taylor: The Music Man
Pielichaty, Helena – We’re the Dream Team, Right?
Rainger, Amanda - Me and My Family series
Rhys, David – Where’s Gran?
Riordan, Rick – The Kane Chronicles: Red Pyramid, Throne of Fire
Scotto, Michael – Latasha and the Little Red Tornado
Stanley, Malaika Rose – Spike and Ali Enson; Spike in SpaceSkin Deep


Adoff, Jaime – Jimi and Me                                                       
Anderson, R J - Arrow
Beam, Chris – I am J
Blackman, Malorie – Noughts and Crosses trilogy                     
Brahmachari, Sita – Artichoke Hearts, Jasmine Skies
Burchill, Julie – Sugar Rush; Sweet
Cann, Kate – Possessing Rayne; Fire and Rayne
Chadda, Sarwat – Devil’s Kiss; Dark Goddess
Kate Costelloe – The Breakfast Club
Crutcher, Christ – Whale Talk
Dalton, Annie – The Rules of Magic
Durrow, Heidi W – The Girl Who Fell From the Sky
Elliott, ZettaA Wish After Midnight; Ship of Souls
Evans, Diana – 26a
Freer, Echo – Magenta Orange series                                       
García, Cristina – I Wanna Be Your Shoebox
Green, Caroline - Cracks
Gurtler, Janet – If I Tell
Hautman, Pete – Blank Confession
Herne, Lily – Deadlands
Hijuelos, Oscar – Dark Dude
Hoffman, Mary – Stravaganza series
Hucklesby, Jill – If I Could Fly
Johnson, Catherine – Stella; Other Colours; Face Value
Jones, Carrie and Wedel, Steve – After Obsession
Kearns, Zannah - No Use Crying
Kent, Rose - Kimchi and Calamari
Larbalestier, Justine – Liar
Lee, Y S - The Agency trilogy
Lester, Joan Steinau – Black White Other: In Search of Nina Armstrong
Leitich Smith, Cynthia – Tantalize series
Magoon, Kekla – Camo Girl
Marriott, Zoë – Daughter of the Flames
Marshall, Clare C - Within
Newbery, Linda – The Sandfather
Ostow, Micol – Emily Goldberg Learns to Salsa                             
Perkins, Mitali – Monsoon Summer
Phillips, Ellie - Dads, Geeks and Blue-Haired Freaks
Pullman, Philip – The Broken Bridge
Rai, Bali - The Crew; The Whisper
Rees, CeliaPirates!
Rees Brennan, Sarah – The Demon’s Surrender
Reeves, Dia – Bleeding Violet
Resau, LauraThe Indigo Notebook 
Sarkar, Donna – How to Salsa in a Sari
Senna, Danzy – Caucasia; From Caucasia, With Love
Smith, Cynthia Leitich – Rain Is Not My Indian Name
Shusterman, NealDread Locks 
Stevenson, Sarah Jamila – The Latte Rebellion
Sturman, JenniferAnd Then Everything Unraveled; And Then I Found Out The Truth
Thompson, Holly – Orchards
Waterhouse, Lynda – Cut Off
Wenberg, Michael – Stringz
Elizabeth E Wein – The Sunbird; The Lion Hunter; The Empty Kingdom
Wolff, Virginia Euwer – The Mozart Season


Wheatle, Alex - Brixton Rock; Brenton Brown 


  1. Such a helpful list. Thanks for all the research.

  2. I highly recommend Julianna Baggott's The Prince of Fenway Park. The protagonist's identity as a mixed-race boy is central to this charming and moving adventure/fantasy story for middle graders.

  3. Thanks, Ann. Your recommendation has been added to the list.

  4. Wow! such a great list! Thank you

  5. picture book suggestion - Spork by Kyo Maclear