Tuesday, 8 January 2013

One Year On... with Kevin Kindle

Smaller... Lighter... Bigger... Brighter...
Newer... Faster... Louder... Cheaper...
And really touchy-feely.
These are just some of the promises I've heard about other e-readers from those desperate to lure me away from my Kindle. You may remember my first love-at-first-sight encounter with Kevin Kindle from last Christmas, followed by Valentine’s Day and our first holidays together.
So, where are we now, after our first year anniversary?

Well, Kevin is reliable. He’s always there for me, although he does occasionally need to take time out to recharge his batteries. There’s only been one occasion when I've felt let down and my trust has been challenged - but I can’t see the point of dredging up old arguments.
We spend a lot of time together. He’s also taught me a lot and introduced me to some new ideas, but I retain my independence and frequently meet up with old friends (aka real books).
Kevin has never been a cheap date and the financial commitment has been considerable. It’s very easy to push that ‘click-to-buy’ button. And his sense of style hasn't improved. He’s still dressed in the same old purple suit - but it’s wearing well - and whether we’re at home or out and about, it means he’s always easy to spot.
I’m still smitten. My sense of loyalty is strong. I'm not tempted to stray or distracted by any of the flashy all-singing, all-dancing multi-media devices and tablets - although if one of them comes up with a way to bring me breakfast in bed every morning, I might change my mind. Until then, Kevin and I are in a long-term relationship. I'm in it for the long haul. I'm ready to commit. I may wait a long time for a proposal, of course, but I'm a patient woman.

Happy New Year! All best wishes for a healthy, happy and successful 2013.

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