Monday, 1 October 2012

We interrupt this service to...

... go on holiday... celebrate the publication of Spike in Space... edit and re-write (no, not *tweak*) sections of my next book, Dance Dreams... make several routine hospital visits... and most exciting of all, to finish the young adult book I've been writing with my son!

Here's the summer in pictures:

La Bolli, Radicondoli, Tuscany


I learned - or acknowledged -  two seemingly contradictory things about myself during this time. Since my sons flew the nest and I've become a full-time writer, mainly working alone at home, I am no longer as gregarious as I once was. I like my own company and I sometimes find large groups overwhelming. On the other hand, collaborating and co-writing a book with my son was a truly wonderful experience, so it's obvious - and something of a relief - that I'm a long way off becoming a recluse. Lucky too, because I have Black History Month school events coming up soon and I start teaching a short Writing for Children course next month.

I hope you enjoyed your summer too.        


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  1. How lovely that you could write a book with your son. And that your summer consisted of La Bolli, Radicondoli, Tuscany... Sounds like the writing life is very kind to you. x