Thursday, 15 March 2012

Losing It

Lady M
I know I have a rather odd expression on my face in these pictures and look as if I may have lost my mind. In fact, whenever I do school events, I tend to 'lose it' in a different way. I feel desperately nervous and worried about author visits in advance. I try to tell myself it's a sort of stage fright - a necessary surge of adrenaline to ensure that I can deliver a good 'performance'.

Handa's Surprise - or... er, Handa's Asleep?
But once I'm actually there - face-to-face with two Year 5 classes crammed into one classroom, all dressed as book characters, or three classes in a lecture theatre, all channelling their inner superhero - I focus on the children, forget about the other adults who are there and lose myself in the moment, along with some of my usual inhibitions and reserve.

I think this is probably a good thing for a children's author to do once in a while.

This time around, I had a cold - so I also lost my voice. It's slowly returning and I've progressed from croaky to husky. Think along the lines of Rod Stewart's Losing You or It’s a Heartache:

Flash Fiction for World Book Day


  1. I love these photos!!! You make a great super-hero, & I'm just imagining the Rod Stewart voice now...

  2. We'll never see you as anything but a superhero now!

  3. Fab post, Malaika! I agree with Harriet, you make a great superhero. Glad you got the better of the nerves and that your voice is coming back!

  4. I know what you mean about the nerves beforehand, and I console myself in the same way, by telling myself I need that adrenalin rush. I get nervous of the adults there too - am fine with the kids, so just like you, tend to shut the grown ups out, and let the kids be the judge! Glad you enjoyed it. Hope your voice is returning.

  5. I love the new hair. V. trendy. V. super.

  6. Excellent photos. Such fun. The kids must just love you!