Sunday, 12 February 2012

Kevin and Me

This is an update on my previous post about Kevin.

I am pleased to report that it wasn’t just a one-night stand. Kevin and I have had several dates since we were introduced at Christmas and we’re getting along really well.

He has a new suit – made of lilac faux leather.  I know, I know. It’s a bit out there, but it’s distinctive, protective and, if you ask me, it looks very stylish and smart. It was relatively cheap too, so if either of us has second thoughts about the colour, we can always try something different.

I have sent him lots of free and special offer books and several sample chapters, but I don’t want to give the impression that the two of us are always a cheap date. I’ve bought a few full-price e-books too. To be honest, I haven’t read that much while I’ve been on the move. Most of the bus and train journeys I take are too short for that, but I’m expecting that Kev and I will spend a lot more time together the minute we board a plane and go off on holiday. Fingers crossed!

I’ve also sent Kevin pdf files of my own work. It’s great being able to review and proofread away from the computer screen, but without having to print everything out.  And my agent has downloaded my latest book on to her Kindle. (She loved it!)

Kevin is easy-going and adaptable. He’s happy to perform cartwheels, forward rolls and back-flips so you can view him from different angles and he’s even able to adjust his contrast and size. Now that’s skill!

It’s still early days, of course. We've made it as far as Valentine's Day, but I don’t know if Kevin and I will be settling down together forever... watch this space.

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  1. Does your agent love her kindle or your new book? (both I hope).

    I love my kindle, Kindred, so much I bought him a tailor made jacket, so this relationship had better be for the long haul.